A translation of Isaiah 52:13-53:12, by Alec Motyer. This bears some slow , thoughtful reading…

My Servant will succeed.
He will be raised, and uplifted, and exalted indeed!
Just as many were shocked over you –
(his appearance – such disfigurement beyond anyone else
and his physical form, beyond humankind!) –
exactly so he will sprinkle many nations.
Kings will shut their mouths over him
for what had not been recounted to them they will see,
and what they had not heard they will discern

Who believed what we heard?
And Yahweh’s Arm, to whom was it revealed?
Seeing that like a delicate plant he grew up before him,
and like a root out of arid soil.
He had no physical form, and no splendor, that we should look at him,
and no looks that we should take pleasure in him.
Despised and lacking in men,
a man of sorrows, and familiar with sickness,
and, as with a hiding of face from him, despised!
And we thought nothing of him.

 Ah but surely it was our sickness he himself bore,
and our sorrows which he shouldered.
As for us, we thought him
plagued, struck down by God and humiliated.
As for him, pierced because of our rebellions,
crushed because of our iniquities,
the correction bringing us peace was upon him,
and at the cost of his wounds healing for us!
All of us,
like sheep we strayed.
We each to his way turned aside.
And Yahweh!
He brought together upon him the iniquity of us all.

He let himself be brutalized,
and himself accepted humiliation,
and did not open his mouth.
Like a sheep to the slaughter he was led off,
and like a ewe, before its shearers, stays dumb!
And he did not open his mouth.
From custody and without justice he was taken away,
and, among his contemporaries, who was pondering
that he was cut down from the land of the living
because of the rebellion of my people to whom the
blow belonged?
And they assigned his grave with wicked men,
and with a rich man in his wondrous death,
though he had done no violence at all,
nor was there deceit in his mouth.

And Yahweh was himself pleased to crush him:
he made him sick.
If and when you make his soul a guilt offering
he will see seed;
he will lengthen days;
and in his hand Yahweh’s pleasure will flourish.
Arising from the toil of his soul he will see, be satisfied.
By his knowledge
that righteous one, my Servant,
will provide righteousness for the many:
their iniquities he will himself shoulder.
I will apportion out to him the many,
and the mighty ones he will apportion as spoil,
as an exact result of the fact that he poured out his
soul to death,
and allowed himself to be counted with those in rebellion:
he bore the sin of many himself,
and for those in rebellion he interposed.