Last night we continued looking at God’s wisdom for our relationships in the book of Ruth, chapter 2. Here’s the notes:

Ruth 2; Observations and applications:

1. God pervades these people’s realities. (v. 4, 12, 20, also 1:6, 13, 17, 21).
They are constantly talking about Him. They interpret their lives by what they see Him doing. They see Him as present, involved, and in control.

Application: Do we see our lives related to God this way?

2. God is acting, even when we don’t see “miracles.” (v. 1-5, 11-12, 17 (w/1:1, 6, 22))
What we see as “normal” (no significance) or “random” (no reason) is actually full of both significance and purpose. 

Application: We must know and believe what scripture says about how God works. We must cultivate a godly patience and “waiting on the Lord” to provide. (Key: This “waiting” doesn’t prevent action, but anxiety–action based on anxiety.)

3. Both of these characters are models for us to examine.

Ruth is not idle.
v.2  She is proactive in providing for hers and others needs. Motivated by hesed (1:16-17), hesed, she spends her time providing for her & Naomi’s needs
v.7. she is courageous and takes initiative
v.17 she is diligent, she follows through. 

All this adds up to what Boaz says about her in 3:11. She is a “virtuous” woman –  This same Hebrew word is used in Proverbs 31:10. In other words, Ruth is given to us as a picture of the “proverbs 31 woman.” See especially Proverbs 31:10-15, 20, 25-27.

Applications: While waiting, we must please God with the day we have in front of us (see Luke 16:10). Ladies, do you model this? Men, do you want this kind of woman?

Boaz is Godly.
v.4  He has a godly relationship even with his employees.
v.5  He notices people. Not just things.
v.8  He too shows hesed–caring for Ruth (being a provider and protector as much as he can)
v.11-12  He loves what God loves
v.14-16  Kindness, thoughtfulness, protection, provision, honoring

Applications: Are you ready for God to bring someone into your life?  Men, do you model this? Ladies, do you want this kind of man? A good Christian makes a good mate. Concentrate on being who you want to find. Before and during dating, we must let our whole bearing towards each other be shaped by scripture.