On Monday night, June 18th, we’ll have the next Young Adults Forum. For this night we’ve invited Chuck Walton, who spent more than 30 years among the Sama people in the Philippines as a Bible translator with Wycliffe, to share with us.

Over a lunch he bought me a few months ago, I asked Chuck if he’d be willing to come speak to our group about being a young person trying to discern God’s will and direction. He said he’d love to. I know he’ll bring his unique perspective, as well as his reflections on what it has meant for him and his wife Janice to walk with God through their lives. I find Chuck’s perspective on serving God wherever you are however he leads to be helpful in these discussions. (I also find the way the Lord led him to be a very viable option for anyone in our group! But that’s another story…)

For the night, we have our usual Forum format, and you’ll be able to text in questions for a Q&A with Chuck after he speaks. Come meet him and Janice, hear his story, and think about what it’s going to mean for you to hear, follow, and serve Christ with your whole life.