Good to see everyone last night. Press on!

A lot of you know I’m always looking for tools that help us engage scripture with our minds at a deep level. So I wanted to share an article posted on the Crossway Books site a few days ago, called 5 Prompts for Journaling through Scripture. Here are the highlights:

… As you spend time reading and journaling through the Bible, consider these five prompts to guide your study and reflection.

1. Be honest.  “Highlight examples in the Psalms and books like Lamentations and Job where the writers aren’t shy about telling God how they feel in their pain, confusion, exhaustion, and frustration…”

2. Learn about God’s heart toward those who suffer.  “Read through large portions of books like Jeremiah and Job. How do the books end?”

3. Pray hopefully.   “Use Scripture to pray for those who are hurting, sick, and lonely…”

4. Focus on what’s unchanging.  “Reflect on what is unchanging about who God is when circumstances are shifting…

5. End with gratitude.  “Record lists of the good gifts in your life and pray to embrace them fully…”