Here are the materials from Monday night’s Forum: Homosexuality and the Gospel. They will be available permanently over at the Resources page.

Update: with the first posting the links were broken. The issues have been fixed and you should be able to click on the title and download the mp3.

Here’s the audio from the night:

  1. Homosexuality and The Gospel, part 1 (Intro, The Christian Worldview, The Bible’s Message).
  2. Homosexuality and The Gospel, part 2 (The Christian’s Witness, FAQ)
  3. Homosexuality and The Gospel, part 3 (Q&A)

And here’s the PowerPoint from the night.

During part 1, I reference a Piers Morgan interview of Kirk Cameron. If you want to see the interview, it’s included in the post below, or here’s a link it: Piers Morgan interviews Kirk Cameron.