If you have five minutes, listen to this brother’s recounting of a conversation with three Palestinian Muslims, where the Trinity was a central part of the conversation. So helpful…

[tvideo type=”vimeo” clip_id=”22034409″ byline=”false” title=”false”]

Three thoughts after viewing this:

  1. Notice how well he knew his bible? He could easily and fluidly quote and paraphrase it for the sake for the discussion at hand. This is a great example for us.
  2. He also knew his context. He knew which passages to reference for the young men he was speaking too. He knew enough about the Quran to really have the conversation. This is an example of “loving our neighbor”–taking the time to learn about them so we know how to share the gospel in love.
  3. I would bet that the main reason the Muslim men were willing to speak with him was that he struck them as an example of the kind of person they want to be as Muslims–like them, he was spending his time taking care of poor people, and practicing and spreading (what they considered to be) his religion. This is something I feel like I’ve been learning in thinking about these things: for many Muslims who take their faith seriously, the prospect of converting to Christianity and becoming less devoted to God seems absurd. Many aren’t interested in a “religion” that seems less spiritual, less devoted to God, and more like every other person who doesn’t fear God. Which means Christians must make sure that they don’t come to Muslims offering this “less.” Grace instead of working to please God? Yes. The power and life of the Spirit instead of the burden of law? Yes. But a life that’s more concerned with things and fun than God? No. And of course, this is what we’ve been called to all along.