This past Monday night, we took some time to think about the current and crucial topic of gender. Below are the audio files for the main teaching and the “Q+R,” along with the pdf file for the booklet we handed out during the evening. The booklet will continue to be available for you to grab off the literature table at the back of the room on Monday nights.

The Good Gift of Gender | Main Session (mp3)

The Good Gift of Gender | Q + R (mp3)

The Good Gift of Gender | Booklet (pdf download)

As always, let me know if you have anything you’d like to discuss about these issues. The issue may be personal and private, or you may face issues of how to best love and represent the truth of the gospel in these areas.

And, from the booklet, here’s some quotes that capture the heart of the evening…

“Your body has a value and meaning far beyond any random process
or self-chosen preference. It is made by God, and precious.”

“Your significance is not self-assigned. God made you in his image.
That is a high and holy thing.”

“Your gender, your maleness or femaleness, is a precious and holy
part of who you are. It, like all other aspects of who you are, is a gift.”

“Your body, significant as it is, communicates to you about the gift of
your gender. This is because you are a whole being, an integrated
being. You are an enfleshed spirit. And you are a Man, or you are a Woman.”

“Wholeness, health, and flourishing are not found in discovering what
you feel, but in discovering who God made you to be.”

“Whether it’s festering in our hearts or expressed through our bodies,
sin is the great enemy of our humanity. It clouds our vision and
obscures our self-perception.”

“Jesus’ love will destroy sin, our great enemy, free us, and heal us.”