Last night we finished our study of what the bible says about the end times, and our look at the new creation. Here are the notes.

Scriptures: Rev 21:1-16a, 22-27; 22:1-6

Seven Things that Are True of the New Creation:

  1. New (Different)
  2. Physical (Continuity)
  3. Pure (Holy, no sin)
  4. Spiritual (God is there)
  5. Joyful (Community, Meaning/Work, No Sickness/Pain, no fear)
  6. Eternal (Never ends)
  7. Coming.

5. Joyful

No Pain: all the causes of pain gone: (21:4, 22:2-3)
Community: City (21:9-22:3, John 14:2))
Meaning: 21:7 (inheriting), 21:24-26 (bringing glory and honor into it), 22:3 (serving), 22: 5 (reigning)

All the things which ruin joy will be undone, and gone for good. All loneliness will be gone, because we will be together as a huge family, and nothing will be there which causes breakdown in relationships. We will live lives of activity and significance, with everything full of meaning. Everything we do will be done with each other, in the presence of God and with God, and ultimately, as an act of worship and service to him. All of life, all together, all to God.

6. Eternal (22:6)

Nothing can ruin all this goodness, because we will always know that it will never end. This is what we were made for (Gen 1:26).  See Ecclesiastes 3:11– “Eternity in their hearts.” See also Isaiah 51:11.

7. Coming See Rev 22:8-13, 20; 2 Pet 3:1-18

Finally, here are some great exhortations along this line, from our very first study in this series:

Matthew 25:1-13    A feast is coming. Be prepared, you don’t know when He’s coming.
Luke 12:35-46        Be like men waiting for their master.
Titus 2:11-13            Grace teaches us to be looking
1 Thess 5:1-7            We shouldn’t be asleep, or in the dark. We’re children of the day.
1 Thess 1:9-10         Getting saved is starting to wait.
Isaiah 25:6-9          This is what we’ll say one day.