Audrey Harmon-Smith sent me this email after Monday’s study. After I sent her an overly-long reply, I realized this would make a great discussion question to post.

Hi Brian,

 After tonight’s Young Adult Bible Study, I’m wondering if Jesus actually sinned??

 In Gal 5:20 it lists one the acts of the sinful nature as “fits of rage” NIV or “outbursts of wrath” NKJV.  In Matt 21:12 Jesus overturned the tables at the temple, and it seems like he was angry.  It looks like he had a fit of rage in the temple and was so mad that he knocked the tables over on purpose.  Also it doesn’t seem Jesus had “self-control,” one of the fruits of the Spirit.

 I know that Jesus didn’t sin, but I can’t find a way to justify his rage.  How can it be OK for Jesus to show rage, and not for us?   Or have I misclassified his behavior?  I’m guessing there may be 2 types of rage, one that’s ok and one that isn’t?  Not sure…


So that’s today’s question. What do you think?

Tomorrow I’ll post my reply to her.